Virtual Membership

A Different Kind of Online Community

Pilates Culture Club Virtual Membership is for global members of any ability level to come together and learn from some of the top professionals in the Pilates and movement world both on-demand and via live stream. 

Our Digital platform is meant to be both a repository of knowledge and a social space where you can meet and interact with fellow members and take classes from teachers wherever you are in the world.

Liked our pandemic live streams? Not an LA local but like that live-class feel? This is the membership for you.



Live streaming classes

Join other members remotely and in real-time for a variety of classes including Pilates, Yamuna Ball Rolling, Somatics, Swinging Clubs, and other innovative and emerging disciplines.


Library of on demand classes and workshops

Classes on your own schedule. Want to revisit a class you loved? All live classes will be archived. Looking for a routine with a specific piece of equipment? We have videos about everything from Fletcher towels to reformers. Curious about Yamuna Ball rolling or Somatics? We’ve got you covered. Classes taught by international instructors? Right here.


Kerri’s Video Library

Explore curated content including in-depth workshops, how-to videos, lectures from top movement professionals, and just about everything else surrounding the pilates method. Ever wondered why there are so many different kinds of reformers or how the Fletcher percussive breath developed? This is the rabbit hole for you.


Private Lessons

Virtual members can purchase online or in-person private lessons. (pending approval)

( $75.00 Billed Monthly)


“We are all miracles. What we do with that miracle is our choice” – Ron Fletcher