Gold Level Membership

The first of its kind in person membership

Gold Members have full access to the Pilates Culture Club Digital Platform AND the Los Angeles Studio. Local gold members of all levels can join us in the studio for set open studio hours where they can socialize with their Pilates peers and grow their personal practice with the help and supervision of a qualified Pilates professional.

In addition, to live streaming and on-demand classes, Gold Members can also purchase individual in-person mat classes. They also can expand their knowledge base and Pilates vocabulary with access to additional digital and physical libraries. After applying, book an orientation to learn how to access and operate all that is available to you.

Interested in working out in the studio and having the ability to purchase in-person classes? Not so interested in studio social events, workshops, and lectures?



All the Rights and Privileges of Virtual Membership

Access to the Pilates Culture Club Platform. Live Streaming Classes. On-Demand Classes. Kerri’s Video Library. The works.


Open Studio Hours

Just like Joseph Pilates’s original studio, you will have access to set “open hours” each week for supervised self-practice. A Pilates professional will be there to answer any questions, assist you with new movements and correct your form. All studio equipment will be available for your use (yes, even the Cadillac).


Access to the Hard Movement and the Online Movement Libraries

Want to look up any movement done in any Pilates class on any piece of equipment ever? Yeah, we’ve got a book for that. The hard movement library is a physical library of all essential Pilates books and manuals. More of an audio-visual learner? In addition to Kerri’s Virtual Library, the Fletcher Movement Library is a video archive of all Pilates movements. Every. Single. One.


Small Equipment Package

Make the most of your at-home practice with a free package of sliders, resistance bands and more! Additional small equipment available for purchase.


Private Lessons

Gold members can purchase online or in-person private lessons


Purchase Individual Mat Classes

For an additional cost, you can sign up for in-person mat classes. Space is limited so reserve online. This option is perfect for the sporadic class-taker. If you find yourself doing more than three classes a month, we recommend going Platinum.

($175 Billed Monthly)