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Pilates Culture Club, Inc. (the “Organization”) strives to provide each member with access to like-minded individuals, friendship, and various recreational activities. The Organization is a nonprofit, Mutual Benefit corporation organized to operate a social club related to the practice, education, and overall activities associated with pilates.


The following are the Organization’s general expectations for how the members and their Guests should conduct themselves in their involvement with the Organization and on the premises of the Organization. They are not intended necessarily to be specific rules of conduct by which the Organization will proceed with disciplinary action if violated.

a) Members and Guests are required to act in an orderly manner at all times they are in the Organization’s facilities.
b) Members and Guests are expected to work courteously and cooperatively with the Organization and its staff.
c) Members may respectfully express their concerns about the Organization’s operations and its personnel. However, they may not do so in a manner that is discourteous, scandalous, rumor driven, disruptive, threatening, hostile, or divisive.
d) Any member could risk their continued participation in the Organization if he/she insults or abuses the staff, or any of the other members while on the Organization’s premises, public sidewalks, public streets, other public ways adjacent to the Organization’s premises, or at some other place if the staff are required to be there in connection with Organization activities.
e) Seek to conduct all your affairs while in the Organization with honesty, integrity and transparency.


The following information pertains to the dues required from all members and the issues
related to the failure to pay such dues.

a) Monthly dues have been set at $40 for Library Membership, $75 for Virtual Membership, $175 for Gold Tier Membership, and $250 for Platinum Tier Membership, to be prorated based on the date of application in relation to the fiscal year and shall be no less than one half of the required dues.
b) No admittance to the Organization’s facilities or inclusion in Organization activities is permitted until dues are current. In the event of delinquent dues, a member is immediately suspended until all dues are brought current.
c) Members with delinquent dues are not permitted to be admitted as a Guest.


The following describes the rules regarding non-member (“Guest”) access and usage of the Organization’s facilities.

a) Any individual hoping to gain admission to the Organization as a Guest must always be accompanied by and sponsored by a current member in good standing of that Organization.
b) Only the following individuals may be admitted as a “Guest” into the Club facilities:

i. A current member’s spouse or immediate family member, defined as a parent, step-parent, child, step-child, grandparent, great grandparent, grandchild, stepgrandchild, or sibling. There are no limits on the number of times a spouse or family member may be admitted as a Guest.
ii. A prospective member is defined as any Guest that is accompanied by a member who can sponsor them for membership in the Organization and meets the criteria for membership as laid out in the Bylaws. As permitted by the Organization’s President, a prospective member may be admitted subject to the following:

1. The prospective member is accompanied at all times by his or her member-sponsor.
2. The prospective member is properly signed in as a Guest.
3. The prospective member shall not be eligible for admittance into the Organization via sponsorship from another member on that day.
4. The prospective member shall be limited to two (2) visits before deciding to become a full member unless he/she is a spouse or immediate family member of a member in good standing as defined by the Bylaws.

c) All adult Guests must show identification, vaccination status, be signed in the Guest book, and leave when the member leaves.
d) Members shall, at all times, be responsible for the conduct of their Guests.


The following types of conduct will not be permitted and shall result in varying degrees of discipline in the discretion of the Club President based on the severity of the action:

a) Assault, fighting, or verbal threats of any kind.
b) Unapproved possession of any type of weapon or instrument(s) used as such while in the Club facilities, except law enforcement officers in the line of duty may possess a firearm or other deadly weapon in the Club facilities. Exceptions may be granted.
c) Possession or use of any illegal or narcotic drug.
d) Theft.
e) Any gang-related activity.
f) Disrespect to the Club staff or other members.
g) Destroying or defacing Organization property. (Members will be expected to pay for repairs or replacement of damaged property.)
h) While all beliefs (political, religious, etc.) are accepted, the Organization strictly forbids actively campaigning, recruiting, or grand standing on those beliefs while in the Organization’s facility.
i) Additional conduct that the Organization may set forth from time to time.


While members are at the Organization’s facilities, the members will be expected to obey the following rules or be subject to removal, other disciplinary action, or adverse action as described below:

a) Members shall show respect for each other.
b) Members shall show respect for and obey the Organization’s President, staff, and other members and their Guests.
c) Excessively loud noises are prohibited.
d) Littering is prohibited. Members are expected to help maintain the facilities.
e) The Organization’s facility is a smoke-free facility.
f) Family-friendly appropriate dress is expected at all times.
g) Only current members of the Organization, whose status has been verified, are permitted to make purchases at the Club facilities.
h) Each member of the Organization shall submit proof of membership when requested by any Organization staff or authorized personnel.
i) Before making a purchase each day, each member should display his or her form of membership identification. If your card is lost or damaged, please notify the office immediately. For lost cards, there is a $2 charge for a replacement.
j) The Board shall determine the Organization’s hours. At the hours designated for closing, all persons shall vacate the premises.
k) The admission of minors is subject to compliance with all local laws and according to rules established by the Board.
l) There may be times where a Club will be closed for specific hours and such shall be previously announced following the approval by the Board.
m) Members shall follow posted safety rules at all times.


The consequences for any violation of the rules of conduct of the Organization are subjective and shall be determined by the President or other staff involved with the situation, based on the severity of the violations and the number of times such member has committed violations. Potential consequences include, but are not limited to, temporary removal from the Organization’s facilities, permanent removal from the Organization’s facilities, and, ultimately, removal as a member from the Organization, subject to the Bylaws.

a) Immediate but temporary suspension from the Club facilities is allowable if called for by any Organization staff, and confirmed by the Organization President. Temporary removal constitutes removal from premises for a period no shorter than 24 hours. Fines may be imposed, and must be paid before reinstatement is allowed.
b) Immediate extended suspension and removal is allowable if called for by any Club staff, and confirmed by the Club President. Immediate extended suspension is reserved for egregious acts and constitutes removal from premises until the next scheduled meeting, or special hearing. The offending member shall cooperate with any investigation and will be provided the opportunity to be heard by the Executive Board, orally or in writing. Failure to cooperate or appear constitutes a resignation from the membership, subject to the provisions of the Bylaws.
c) Removal and revocation do not serve as the only recourse for egregious acts. In the event of any damages to the Organization, Club facilities, any other member, or real/personal/intellectual property, reputation, tangible damages, or otherwise, then the Organization or injured member has full rights of recovering for such losses.
d) If a member has a complaint about the conduct of another member or Guest while present in the Club facilities, then such complaint shall be heard by the on-site staff who will decide next steps. Any member that feels that their complaint was unheard or mismanaged, may file a formal written complaint to the Executive Board.


The Board may adopt additional rules and regulations for the operation of the Organization’s facilities, and these rules and regulations shall be effective as provided in the written action of the Board.

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