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Kerri Campbell,

Founder, Teacher,

Lover of Caftans

Kerri began her Pilates practice over twenty years ago while working towards her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Philadelphia. She had a debilitating car accident and, on the journey to heal her body she found the Pilates Method. Through Pilates, she experienced a reduction in pain and great changes in her relationship with her own body.

After completing her training Kerri began to teach Pilates in a Physical Therapy setting and work with professional athletes. She learned a lot in these settings about the mechanics of the human body, but she didn’t find the depth of knowledge she sought until she came to the work of Master Teacher Ron Fletcher.

Through the rigorous and demanding study of Ron’s lineage, she found the unparalleled knowledge she had been seeking. Her most profound body transformations occurred while practicing Fletcher Pilates®. It was there that she came to the understanding that every body is a Pilates body. (And not just because Ron would ask her to bring him milkshakes.)

She has gone on to study and work with some of the best-known teachers in the Pilates community, including Michele Larsson, Dawn-Marie Ickes, Blossom Leilani Crawford, Michael Podwal, and Diane Severino. Currently, she is studying Pilates + Psyche with renowned first-generation teacher Mary Bowen. She is a Fletcher Pilates® Faculty member and taught the first full Fletcher Pilates® Teacher Training Program in Los Angeles.

Bringing Fletcher Pilates® back to Los Angeles, its birthplace, Kerri opened the first Fletcher Pilates® Studio in Los Angeles fully dedicated to Ron’s work, thirty years after the original studio in 1972. Her first studio was a converted horse stall in a riding facility that catered to professional equestrians. To meet the growing demand for Fletcher Pilates® (and to avoid the stench of horse manure) she expanded and opened The Pilates Bodyshop in Silverlake.

Voted one of the top ten Pilates teachers in Los Angeles, Kerri has been a featured Pilates expert on Pilates Anytime, Pilatesology, Pilates Style Magazine, E! Network, and numerous other podcasts, websites, and publications. In 2018, she helped to republish Ron Fletchers’ seminal book Everybody is Beautiful.

Then 2020 happened. In 2021, as we all crawled out of quarantine with traumatized broken bodies, Kerri wanted to create a safe place that offered the healing, transformation, body positivity, depth of knowledge, and human connection she had found on her Pilates journey. Pilates Bodyshop didn’t feel like enough so Kerri founded Pilates Culture Club in the image of Joseph Pilates and Ron Fletcher’s original studios.

Kerri is deeply committed to teaching others to move well, and achieve their highest level of physical health. And milkshakes.

“Movement should be approached like life – with enthusiasm, joy and gratitude – for movement is life, and life is movement, and we get out of it what we put into it.” – Ron Fletcher

“Change happens through movement and movement heals.”
— Joseph Pilates

“We are all miracles. What we do with that miracle is our choice” – Ron Fletcher

“Let it be yours.” – Mary Bowen

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