More Than a Studio

Inspired by Joseph Pilates original studio, Pilates Culture Club is both a studio and a community. A place to grow your pilates practice on your own terms. A space to learn from qualified instructors. A social club to connect with other members who share your interests and views during open studio hours and special events. AND a platform to access an extensive virtual library, meet pilates students and professionals from around the globe and take your practice with you wherever you roam.

Pilates Culture Club — A Studio and Social Hub for All Things Pilates

Pilates Culture Club is a new take on the old-school concept of a social club. Unlike a traditional studio which offers only classes and lessons at limited set times or a traditional social club that offers cigars and golf Pilates Culture Club offers a safe space for those interested in the Pilates Method to practice, learn and connect.

Over one hundred years ago, Joseph Pilates developed his body of work in New York City. His studio looked nothing like most Pilates studios today. For a flat fee, his students came to his open studio hours to independently practice sets of movements he had taught them. He monitored their progress and taught them new sets of movements when he felt they were ready, allowing each student to build their practice at their own pace. Individual practices in a community setting. This is how the Pilates Method was meant to be taught. It is in this spirit that the Pilates Culture Club was founded. A way to move into the future while honoring the past.

Pilates Culture Club (PCC) is a non-profit 501c(7) social club. In addition to the traditional studio fare of classes and private lessons, it also has open studio hours every week. Open studio hours allow members to have independent practice time while being monitored by a qulified Pilates professional.

On top of in-person classes and open studio hours, Pilates Culture Club will also have live and on-demand online classes allowing pilates students and practitioners from around the globe to join our community and locals to take their practice with them wherever they go. PCC Members will also enjoy access to a library of Pilates books, manuals, videos, exclusive lectures, and guest teachers from all over the world.

If the last two years have taught us anything, it is the value of human connection. In addition to the social atmosphere created by open studio hours, the PCC will offer social events and workshops where members can mingle with fellow members in an environment that values safety, growth, joy, and individuality.

How to Join Pilates Culture Club


I started taking these virtual classes at the beginning of the pandemic. I have never taken Pilates before because it was either too inconvenient or too expensive. Well, problem solved: the pandemic made everything virtual! I have to say this studio has no doubt saved my life. Teachers: Kerri, Justin, Jason, Jamile, and Lauren – all with their own style and all great. Friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely good at instruction, even for me who’d never taken a Pilates class before. I feel a real friendship connection with all the teachers and absolutely look forward to class. I was coming off a long-term back injury so I hadn’t been doing any exercise in probably three years. I am in five classes a week since March 2020 and I am stronger now than I was before I hurt myself (and 25 pounds lighter). I’m no longer worried about tweaking my back, although I am still careful. You really have no excuse not to take these classes!

Ruth W

“I have been working with Kerri since 2019, and we pivoted to virtual sessions at the beginning of the pandemic. I am so grateful for her nuanced instruction, and I am continually amazed by how much we are able to do via Zoom. Her cues are so specific that it feels like she’s in the room with me!”

Justine M

“This place and the women who run it are awesome! I’m a 50 year old man who walked in the door never having done Pilates. I was pretty out of shape after a knee injury, back problems and substantial weight gain. 10 months later, thanks to great and patient instruction and much encouragement, I’m leaner, stronger and more flexible. My knee injury, which had been a constantly recurring issue, feels solid like it hasn’t in decades. Friends routinely comment on how healthy I look. I still have unachieved goals but I feel like they are possible here. I’ve no doubt The Pilates Bodyshop will be instrumental in my continued health and wellbeing and I’m very grateful to my wife for suggesting that we try it.”


“I am a physical therapist and a BASI trained Pilates instructor. So, I was a little skeptical when I started working with Kerri back in 2018. However, I continue to be amazed at her ability to observe and correct my form with the most precise cuing and visualization. Kerri helps me to achieve my best movement patterns, which as a PT I strive to do for others. As we transitioned to virtual session, I was a little concerned that that connection would be lost. I can say with all certainty that the virtual session have been just as thorough and challenging as the in-person sessions. WOW!!!”

Darlene E.

“I am so grateful that I found a virtual resource for to keep my body feeling this great during this time. The online platform is amazing and I don’t have to leave the house to get one on one attention from a Pilates pro–Kerri is amazing and THE BEST. Bonus! I am never late for a session because I don’t have to leave the house!! Honestly, authentic Pilates was something that I was really, really missing and this is hands down the best place in LA. And, I can do it from anywhere that I have my lap top! If you’re looking for online/virtual Pilates, look no for further!”

Sal H.